J1 (Jack One) – Sativa Hybrid

SR-Flower: J1 (Jack One) – Sativa Hybrid

J1, or Jack One, was actually a recommendation for me when I asked for a nice Sativa strain. I had actually asked for a higher priced strain but was told I should give this one a shout instead. I have to say, I’m happy I did. J1 wasn’t on my try list, I must have overlooked it on the menu. I’ll be honest, I usually just look at the top tier stuff and pay no mind to the cheaper stuff, which was ignorant on my part and is no longer the case. J1 is the reason you should pay attention to the entire menu!

Jack One is really nice hybrid sativa strain, crossing the two famous sativas, Skunk #1 and Jack Herer. Let me just pause to say that Jack Herer is one of my favorite sativa strains. I’ve always had a really nice high from it, and would recommend it to anyone. Just awesome daytime bud. J1 takes all the pros of Jack Herer and combines them with the Skunk #1 and the whole mix just leaves you in this wonderfully euporic, uplifted, happy mood. The high is very cerebral and I found myself to be quite chatty…actually, really really chatty.

Taste was rather pungent like many sativas, nothing out of the norm here.

All in all, I loved this strain and would definitely buy it anytime I saw it in a dispensary. It was just a wonderful daytime strain that allowed you to be active and social, yet have a little fun while doing it.


Cost: $10/g
Purchased: Nature’s AZ Medicines

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