Bubble Sap – Hybrid

SR-Concentrate, Live Resin Sugar Wax: Bubble Sap – Hybrid

I picked this sugar wax up specifically to try in my new e-nail as I wanted something that would work well with the lower temp, not to mention something that would be nice and flavorful.

A couple of notes…Live Resin means the wax was derived from fresh frozen plants instead of dried plants. This means the wax has a terpene (flavor) profile of a live plant rather than a dried plant (terpenes degrade over time). Sugar Wax comes from the texture of the wax, it’s sugar-like…not really gooey like a lot of wax, and not hard or glassy like shatter.

Bubble Gum is a nice hybrid strain with a nice sweet taste. Combine that with Citrus Sap which is a nice sativa hybrid, combining Gorilla Glue #4 and Tangie. Mix the citrus taste of Citrus Sap and the sweet taste of Bubble Gum and you’re not too far off from a stick of Juicy Fruit gum. Seriously. It’s pretty damn flavorful!

After a few dabs, I found the high to be rather strong. While it was cerebral and kept my mind active, it was easy for my body to calm down. After a day of riding my bike to/from work, my legs turned to jello and I melted into the couch after smoking, but I tihnk that had more to do with my bike commute than the Bubble Sap.

I’d rank this as a nice evening strain. You can function if you need to, but if you don’t have to, well then that’s even better.


From: Nature’s AZ Medicines
Cost: $25/.5g

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