Cheese Chaze – Sativa Hybrid

SR-Flower: Cheese Chaze – Sativa Hybrid

This one is a bit tricky…the label shows Indica x Sativa, but in reality, it’s much more sativa than indica. Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid, so that’s where the indica comes in but the Super Silver Haze and the Sour Diesel more than make up for that indica and what you’re left with is a nice uplifted and mellow feeling.


This flower was a nice little treat to kick off the weekend. Being a nice sativa hybrid, the high was nice and uplifting. After a few tokes the body and head buzz kicked in which was a delight for my outdoor furniture painting that I had to do.


The flavor was earthy and pungent and if you really reached for it, you could find a hint of cheesy flavoring in the smoke. I’m not sure why, but name bud after cheese and I swear everytime I smoke it, I taste queso dip. Which really isn’t a bad thing, other than the fact that I start getting hungry for nachos.


All in all, not a bad strain. I enjoyed my time with it. The cannabinoids were super high with this one so the pain relief was nice as well – definitely helped the back not hurt so much after leaning over the furniture all day. Which was an added bonus and meant I wasn’t laying on the couch all afternoon complaining of a back ache.


Dispensary notes:
18.3% THC, 19.0% Total Cannabinoids. Cheese X Super Silver Haze X Sour Diesel. Some medical uses include Pain, Stress and Nausea.
Purchased: Nature’s AZ Medicines
Cost: $12/g

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