Ranger SF aka “Crockett’s Haze” (12)

SR-Flower: Ranger SF aka “Crockett’s Haze”

I smoked this one awhile ago, again while doing yard work. It made short work of a long Saturday.

The high was nice and kept me active.  The flower smells like tea almost and is pungent in flavor, almost of gasoline.

All in all, not a bad strain, but not my favorite either. The notes about this are a bit vague, the website said it was a Sativa blend, but the bottle states Sativa x Inidica. For me, I found the strain to be more uplifting and less of the couch lock feeling.
Dispensary Notes:

21.1% THC, 22.6%Total Cannabinoids. Sativa. Unknown Sativa X Mexican Sativa. Some medical uses include, migraines, nausea, fatigue and more.

Purchased: Nature’s AZ Medicines

Cost: $12/g

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