Yilo White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Drink – Indica

Edible Review

Brand: Yilo
Description: White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Drink 60mg
Strain Type: Indica Dominant Strains


I wasn’t sure about indica in the morning, but figured I’d give a small dose a try and see how it worked out. To be completely honest 2oz of the indica is nice and chill in the morning coffee. Nice light body and head buzz. Overall, it was great on a Monday morning to take the edge off of getting back into the work week. Plus with the bottle only be 60mg total, 2oz works out to 15mg, so not bad at all.


Yilo offers their drinks in various colored tops, above is the legend. Go with green if you’re sampling flavors, go with purple if you mean serious business!

I found this drink to be very tasty, both by itself as well as in coffee as a creamer substitute. Just two ounces in the coffee doesn’t flavor the coffee all that much, but it works. It’s much more flavorful and can be drank completely on it’s own, I just added it to my coffee because, why not!


The calories aren’t that bad, especially if you’re just doing 2oz sips here and there. It’s also nice to see nutrition facts on the side of the bottle – these tend to be absent from a lot of edibles, so it’s always nice to see them when they do pop up.

The high comes on faster than normal edibles, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, but it also absorbs into the system faster because it doesn’t need to break down the same way food does.


If you can’t tell by now, I really liked this stuff. The taste was great and the smaller doses worked great for mornings on the way to the office. I would like to try out one of the stronger versions to see how the taste compares. I tried one of their purple cap fruity drinks (review coming soon) and tincture/glycerin taste was quite strong, but that is probably to be expected since it was 240mg.

Purchased: Yilo Superstore

Cost: $17.99

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