Yilo – Orange Mango Potion – Sativa Strains

Edible Review

Brand: Yilo
Description: Orange Mango Potion
Strain Type: Sativa Strains

After the success with the Yilo Coffee Drink, I decided to try one of their “Potions” – essentially a fruity punch type drink. And since the coffee drink worked well in coffee, orange mango sounded like it would be pretty tasty in a margarita, so we broke out the necessary ingredients and gave it our best shot – to be honest, it was rather easy, just substitute the Yilo Potion for the OJ you’d normally use.


The high began to come on after a half hour or so with a nice slow build which was quite managable considering we just slammed 120mg of THC each along with the pile of tequila and liqueur that was in the margarita.


The taste was definitely orange mango, but the glycerin tincture taste was also quite strong. I’m assuming this is due to the high level of THC, but will need to sample different varieties and strengths to really know the answer to that. I did find the margarita to be a bit sweet, but then again, all margaritas are sweet and it went down just fine!


Purple caps are the best caps!

To be honest, I thought this would really kick my ass, but I managed just fine. The high was very strong, but it came on nice and mellow which made everything manageable. I’m not sure if I’d want to be out in public all that much on such a strong dosage, but at home I cooked dinner and had a blast doing it. Needless to say, I was quite goofy and giggly that night. After dinner we had a sativa cappuccino brownie (review coming soon) which kicked things up even further. Woo! Of course, about an hour or so after the brownie is a fog and I totally passed out, but that’s ok. It was pretty much the goal.


Nutrition Information


Strain Information

Purchased: Nature’s AZ Medicines
Cost: $45.60

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