Infusion – Magic Brownie – Indica Hyrid

Edible Review

Brand: Infusion
Description: Magic Brownie 100mg
Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

This quite possibly could be the best edible I’ve ever had…ever…ever ever…ever ever ever! First of all, it’s huge…there’s a good mix of chocolate and vanilla brownie action, some coconut, and some chocolate sauce goo. I think. The thing was a good 2″ thick and probably  3″x3″ in diameter. Way more than one can eat in one sitting.


Do to its size, I cut it up in four smaller chunks. A bit more manageable and a lot less calories. I have to watch my figure! Also, upon the advice of the bud tender at Nature’s AZ Medicines, I put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Oh man, simply incredible. The chocolate chips melted a bit, the coconut flavor opened along with the brownie goodness.


The high came on like any normal edible, nice and slow and manageable. This was an after dinner treat, and the indica hybrid strain was a nice closer to the evening. No complaints there.


At only $18/brownie, I feel like its a fairly good deal when compared to some other edibles. It’s a nice high and you get a giant delicious brownie in the process.


Unfortunately, there’s no nutritional information, so if you’re counting calories, you’ll need to make an educated guess. However, if you’re counting calories, what are you doing buying the largest brownie in the entire dispensary. Live a little, buy this, you will not be disappointed.

Purchased: Nature’s AZ Medicines
Cost: $18/100mg THC brownie

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