Yilo – Caramel Chocolate Bar – Sativa

Edible Review

Brand: Yilo
Description: Caramel Chocolate Bar, 60mg
Strain Type: Green Crack

Here’s another one to add to my favorites list! Mostly because I love gooey caramel in chocolate squares, and this is exactly that; delicious gooey caramel inside of milk chocolatey goodness.


The flavor was great with these, no real marijuana taste present, however, this could be due to the lower dosage of only 60mg per bar. We ended up splitting the bar with two pieces each and the Green Crack left us active and giggly.


Next time, I’ll probably bump up the dosage a bit for a couple of reasons; my tolerance is growing, and while I didn’t mind eating half the bar, I wouldn’t mind getting by with eating just one square at a time.


All in all, the bar was packaged and sized similar to a Bhang Bar. I can’t really compare costing since the Bhang Bars have more THC, but I imagine the two to be comparable. The downside of Bhang Bars is usually the current stock at the dispensary, this is not a problem at the Yilo Superstore…pretty much every flavor and strain combination you can think of, and I commend them on that!


Strain Information – I love it when companies tell the exact strain rather than just calling it “sativa” – much more helpful.



Nutrition information, woohoo!

All in all, I’m a huge fan and highly recommend these. Seriously, take a wad of cash and go to Yilo, and just buy one of everything.

Purchased: Yilo Superstore
Cost: $17.99

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