Dab Farm’s eBoss E-Nail

Product Review: E-Nail

I’ve been meaning to write this review for quite some time now, but what better time than the 7/10 holiday is there, really?!

Some of you might have read my review for the YoCan Thor, and hopefully you also read the update to that review. It was a nice idea, but just didn’t hit the mark, so I splurged on a proper E-Nail setup. I landed on Dab Farm’s eBoss setup because quite frankly, it was a pretty good deal. And to be completely honest, most of these setups appear to be the same, just rebranded based on who’s selling them.


The eBoss shipped speedily however, it was stuck in Phoenix, not being delivered for a few days. When I finally got ahold of the post office, I was told shipping was not paid on the item and that I would need to pay shipping before I could collect the item. I do not blame Dab Farm for this, shipping was paid on the package, but the barcode was smudged and unreadable. That said, a huge shout out to Dab Farm for making everything right, not only did they refund the cost of shipping, they hooked me up with some BudderBlocks, hemp wicks, and a lighter.


BudderBlocks are the shit, some of the nicest silicone holders I’ve used.

The Dab Farm kit includes the E-Nail, cables, quartz nail, and quartz dabber…everything you need to get started and quite the deal if you factor in the cost of the nail ($65) and dabber ($50) on their site, both things you receive for free.


Oh, it also comes with a whole pile of stickers!


As for the eBoss itself, well, it does a great job of doing what it should be doing. Just plug it in, set your temperature, and forget. The 6′ power cord provides plenty of length, however, with pets, I still added a short extension cord to keep things tidy and out of the way of pet traffic. Still, a 12′ cord would be overkill for most people. The nail cord is also plenty long, allowing you to hold your dab rig while you sit back on the couch…ya know, if that’s your style. Both cords are thick, heavy duty cables and should hold up to everyday use. Mine have seen a lot of use over the last couple of months, and everything is all good.


The dabber was nice, but I’m an idiot and dropped it on tile the first 5 minutes I had it and broke the tip. It still works well as a carb and the tip can still be used, but I hardly ever use a carb and prefer my metal wax tools. The quartz nail is perfect for the job and I don’t really see a reason to ever replace it.


The E-Nail device is fairly small and heats up quickly. My only complaint, would be that it might look nicer if both the power cord and the nail cord came out of the same side. Although, that might not work for others and really, that’s silly to bitch about that. At first, I was turning the device off after each session, but now, I’ll usually leave it going if I’m watching tv and want to continue smoking throughout the night. I’d also be lying if I said I never fell asleep on the couch with it on. So far, everything seems to be in perfect working order, so no worries there.


I have been running the nail at 600°F-650°F which seems to give the most flavor for the wax I’ve been burning. It’s so nice to taste the wax and not a burnt taste that you get from a torch and a nail that’s too hot. In fact, this beats a torch in just about every way possible. So, if you want to take your dabbing more seriously, or just want to make it more convenient, and E-Nail is probably a good idea and the Dab Farm setup is a great way to go.


From: Dab Farm
Price: $299 ($249 if you don’t want the quartz kit) but you can probably find it cheaper if you follow Dab Farm on social media and wait for a sale!

Only $299! eBoss Mini Quartz eNail Kit



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